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Our sister company, Integrité First Real Estate Inspections, shares a common integrity base while providing you a quality and detailed home inspection.

We are a Christian values company accommodating the general public's need for a pleasant mortgage alternative to banks, credit unions, and other mortgage companies.

Our solid morals and ethics compliment our quality services as we provide our services to our customers only and not to satisfy external influencers.  Call us now!

Thank you for considering Integrité First Mortgage, LLC® for your mortgage needs – the home of the lowest interest rates and awards winning services in the State of South Carolina.  Since the beginning of our mortgage operations in 2004, we have assisted homeowners with mortgage loans in excess of 1 BILLION dollars!  During this time there have been many mortgage lenders, bankers, and brokers that have gone out of existence, accepted government bail-outs at your expense due to their lack of quality management, or have gone bankrupt, including  Lehman Brothers, Deutsch Bank, Ameriquest Mortgage, Morgan Stanley, Ownit Mortgage, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sacks, BNC Mortgage, Behr Sterns, New Century Financial, Option One Mortgage, Washington Mutual Mortgage, Wachovia National Bank, Countrywide Home Loans, Netmore Mortgage, etc….  There have also been mortgage fraud committed by many mortgage lenders, bankers, and brokers, including Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (2016), Countrywide Home Loans (2013), GMAC (2015), Diamond Hill Financial (2015), Distinctive Mortgages (2014), etc….  These mortgage companies or their employees paid billions of dollars in fines and/or spent time in prison.

 Through all of this nonsense in the mortgage industry, Integrité First Mortgage
® has provided honest, considerate, and respectful mortgage services.  We continue to provide this awards winning service to people all over the State of South Carolina with dignity, honor, respect, and integrity or we could not have integrity (Integrité) in our name.  The quality of any mortgage company lays in it’s roots and base.  We have built this company on a strong Godly base with Christian values.  No, you do not need to be a Christian to have us support your new mortgage, but there is a special peace of mind you will have knowing that a mortgage company with these morals, ethics, and integrity are working diligently to assist you with your new mortgage.  Also, since we are not a big and bad mortgage company out to maximize our profits at your expense, you will receive comfortable personalized mortgage service that you can rely on.

You will also be confident to know your information is always kept private and secure with us as we have taken appropriate measures to ensure this security and have NEVER had a security breach as other banks and companies have.  

Here is a list of mortgage programs we offer.  One is certainly the right one for you:

​Conventional Fixed Rate Mortgages     Conventional Adjustable Rate Mortgages     Home Ready Mortgages

Home Possible Mortgages                     JUMBO Mortgages

​Equity Cash-Out Mortgages                  USDA Mortgages                                          VA Mortgages

1% Down Payment Home Purchase Mortgages

Purchase Mortgages                               Refinance Mortgages                                     ​Divorce Settlement Mortgages

Deceased Removal Mortgages

Primary Residence Mortgages               Second/Vacation Home Mortgages                Investment Property Mortgages

Non-Occupying Co-Borrower Mortgages

House Mortgages                                   Townhouse Mortgages                                   Condominium Mortgages

​Home Affordable Refinance(HARP) Mortgages

No Private Mortgage Insurance/Lender Paid Private Mortgage Insurance Mortgages

First Mortgages combined with another Second/Home Equity Line of Credit Mortgages

​Foreign Nationals Mortgages

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