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Our sister company, Integrité First Real Estate Inspections, LLC, shares a common integrity base while providing you a quality and detailed home inspection.

We are a Christian values company accommodating the general public's need for a pleasant mortgage alternative to banks, credit unions, and other mortgage companies.

Our solid morals and ethics compliment our quality services as we provide our services to our customers only and not to satisfy external influencers.  Call us now!

Thank you for considering Integrité First Mortgage, LLC® for your mortgage needs – the home of the lowest interest rates and awards winning services in the State of South Carolina.  We have assisted homeowners with mortgage loans in excess of 1 BILLION dollars! 

Integrité First Mortgage, LLC® (IFM) is a Christian values mortgage company established in South Carolina in 2004 to accommodate the general public's need for a pleasant mortgage alternative to banks, credit unions, and other mortgage organizations.  We are Federally and state licensed in the State of South Carolina.  Did you know that a large majority of banks’ and other financial organizations’ mortgage process is similar to IFM? Most of their mortgages also end up in the same place with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USDA, or VA! The major difference is in IFM's higher integrity, lower closing costs, lower interest rates, and higher accuracy.

*** IFM guarantees the lowest interest rates at a lower cost because we have lower operating costs and revenue requirements which saves you a lot of money!  Part of the income generated by banks, credit unions, and mortgage institutions is based on the interest rate they offer their customers.  Most of these organizations split the income generated from the higher interest rates with their loan originators.  The higher the interest rate the more revenue they generate to cover their higher costs.  Some of these organizations also have stock shareholders to appease so they operate to maximize their income from their customers.   Some of these companies also have dedicated online mortgage systems like 'spRocket Mortgage' for your convenience, but these are only built to perform similar tasks as IFM without any personal interaction and attention, but you will still receive a high interest rate and high closing costs.  These systems cannot consider your excellent credit rating and offer you the lowest interest rates so again they give you a higher general interest rate to maximize their income.  Since no originator was part of the mortgage application process, they do not gather all of the information and when you have questions, nobody there has worked with you from the beginning to understand your situation.  Also, since these companies are outside South Carolina, they will not be available to meet with you, if need be, like we can since we are in the State of South Carolina.

Interest rates are also partially based on your credit profile and scores.  You have worked hard all your life to maintain a good credit profile.  This has earned you the right to the lowest mortgage interest rates.  Why settle for higher interest rates and closing costs because you think the financial institution you are banking with has your best interests in mind?  You can still bank with them even if you secure your mortgage through IFM.  As we have done many times, we will also float down your IFM locked-in interest rate during the mortgage process if the mortgage market presents this opportunity.  This will be at no cost to you!

IFM rewards everyone who can qualify for a new mortgage with the lowest available interest rates. We require lower revenue to cover our service costs so you receive a lower interest rate and lower closing costs.  We also do not have stock shareholders to satisfy.  We accomplish all of this without compromising our integrity and awards winning services to you!

IFM also treats their customers very well - avoiding the hype, high pressure, and integrity compromising tactics that most other mortgage companies and banks use.  We treat our customers with respect and dignity and do not play on their emotions to get them to do business with us.  Isn't it great that you can secure a mortgage with a great mortgage company like Integrité First Mortgage, LLC®!

We want to be your complete mortgage company.  Our company objective is to provide residential mortgage loan services to people who require personable and friendly services in a timely manner.  It is not our desire to set the world on fire like other mortgage companies who operate to see how many loans they can punch out.  It is our desire to place an emphasis on quality of mortgage services at a fair cost and a lower interest rate. 

You will also be confident to know your information is always kept private and secure with us as we have taken appropriate measures to ensure this security and have NEVER had a security breach as other banks and companies have.  

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NMLS License #190316

*** Due to the mistrust of Facebook with everyone's personal information as reported on CNBC, we will no longer have a page on Facebook.  They sold everyone's information to other countries, including China, without your consent.  This betrayal of trust will not be tolerated.  This is simply another large company taking advantage of good people without them being aware of it.  This is one of many prime reasons why you are safer with Integrité First Mortgage, LLC®.  With our integrity and values, we will never compromise our customers. ***